Da1 Mutant +/- EOD1 - Yield

Tech ID: 07.436 & 13.565

Key Features

  • Control of Plant Seed and Organ Size
  • Da1 Transcription Factor
  • Increased seed and biomass yield


Although the size of an organism is a defining feature, little is known about the mechanisms that set the final size of organs and whole organisms.  This technology involves DA1, encoding a predicted ubiquitin receptor, which sets final seed and organ size by restricting the period of cell proliferation and has synergistic effects with the EOD1-BB gene.  The mutant protein encoded by the da1-1 allele has a negative activity toward DA1 and a DA1-related (DAR) protein, and overexpression of a da1-1 cDNA (alone and together with eod1 mutants) dramatically increases seed and organ size of wild-type plants, identifying this small gene family as important regulators of seed and organ size in plants.

New da1 mutants have now been described by Mike Bevan and colleagues.  These represent alternatives to da1-1 mutants as additional approaches to deploying this technology.  These new mutants are described in new patent applications filed by PBL (Tech ID 13.565).

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Published: WO2009/047525, US2011-0004962
Granted: US 9,624,502; AU 2008309345; MX 329810; EP 2201121; CN ZL200880115291.1; AU Divisional 2016202110; IN 305397; BR PI0818534-4

Published: WO2015/067943; EP3068794; CN105814075A; US-2016-0272989-A1
Granted: US 11,118,188


Li Y et al (2008).  Control of final seed and organ size by the DA1 gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana. Genes and Development; 22(10): 1331-6.  http://www.genesdev.org/cgi/doi/10.1101/gad.463608

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Prof Michael Bevan
John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK)

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