PBL Technology has many years of experience of creating new business ventures spun-out from research at the institutes and universities we support. We offer a comprehensive business incubation process to scientists and bio-entrepreneurs seeking to establish new technology-based ventures. Our early-stage support gives a new business the best chances of succeeding.

There are a number of key ingredients for any such new enterprise including: a valid, value-building business proposition, excellent technology and/or products  underpinned by a strong IP platform, an experienced management team, and robust funding from well-aligned investors.  During the business creation process we optimise these components for the particular circumstances.

Further information about how PBL can help the formation of start-up companies can be found here.

Meet some of the companies we have helped establish below:

Plenty Sense has developed in-soil continuous nitrate sensors that provides farmers and agronomists with the ability to monitor nitrate available during a crop growing season and adjust nitrogen fertilisation to optimise its use and reduce costs and pollution.

Leaf Expression Systems is a contract development business specialising in the expression and production of proteins, metabolites and complex natural products for research and bio-medical applications using the transient expression technology, Hypertrans®.

Inspiralis supplies topoisomerases, ligases and helicases including assay kits, substrates and screening services to the pharmaceutical industry and academia to aid drug development and research in the anti-infectives and anti-cancer markets.

Iceni Glycoscience is an innovative platform company with world-class expertise in glycoscience (carbohydrate chemistry and biology) – exploiting the use of glycans (complex sugars) in the areas of diagnostics and therapeutics.

The Smarter Food Company is a consumer product development company, established to develop foods with proven health benefits.

iDna Genetics provides genetic analytical laboratory services and research for the plant breeding and seeds industry.

Novacta is a drug discovery and development company using pathway engineering and chemistry to optimise the activity of natural products for the treatment of infectious diseases.