Welcome to our Industry Partners

As well as serving public sector researchers, PBL's other vital customer community is our network of business partners in a diverse range of industrial sectors who bring our innovations to market, often investing substantial development resources and creativity to ensure commercial success and widespread benefit to society in terms of food security, sustainability and health.

PBL has vibrant and strong relationships, established over many years, with companies all over the world. We always welcome introductions and inquiries from new potential partners. We are keen to hear about your technology needs and to explore how we can work together.

Our diverse and dynamic portfolio of technology opportunities are highlighted in our Technologies pages.  For good reasons of confidentiality and intellectual property protection, not all of our technology portfolio is represented on our website, so please do contact us to find out if we can be of help.

Principles of Business Interaction

We are creative and flexible in structuring technology interactions, whether for technical evaluation of early-stage technology, or for commercial development and licensing of new products and processes. Fair value sharing, constructive dialogue and progress reporting are essential principles in all our relationships, recognising that commercial success will often take considerable time and much further investment.  We fully understand the high technical risk that our often early-stage opportunities represent. We are willing in many circumstances, to incentivise our commercial partners by granting exclusivity on a territorial or application basis, but we believe it is only reasonable that this will come with an obligation to demonstrate diligent progress.