PaperClip RNA for effective gene silencing in insects

Tech ID: 21.689

Key Features

  • The use of novel paperclip RNA (pcRNA) allows the use of powerful RNAi techniques in a wide range of insects
  • The pcRNA design overcomes current limitations with the use of RNAi in lepidopteran species that are intractable to other forms of RNA molecules


The inventors observed that short “paperclip” RNAs (pcRNAs), with partially closed ends, efficiently enter cells via a clathrin-independent pathway, are more stable than other forms of RNA and effectively facilitate transcript knockdown. This alternative RNA structure provides a novel approach to control insect pests that either are recalcitrant to RNAi or where resistance to RNAi-insecticides has arisen through changes in dsRNA uptake mechanisms.

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Published: WO 2022/011452


Roohollah Abbasi, Daniel Heschuk, Brandon Kim, Steve Whyard (2020).  A novel paperclip double-stranded RNA structure demonstrates clathrin-independent uptake in the mosquito Aedes aegypti.  Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: 127.