SSW1 Yield and Quality

Tech ID: 19.659

Key Features

  • Increased seed size and protein content associated with increased Amino Acid Permease activity


Dr Yunhai Li and his team at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, have isolated the first major QTL for seed size and seed weight located on Arabidopsis chromosome 1 (SSW1).  It encodes an amino acid permease (AAP8) that transports organic nitrogen to seeds.  Natural genetic variation in this gene is associated with larger, heavier seeds and at the same time more free amino acids, higher storage protein content and increased AAP amino acid transport activity.  Intriguingly, and significant for crop enhancement strategy, variation in a single amino acid residue is the cause of the allelic variation and determines amino acid transport activity.

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Published: WO/2021/044027; AR 119898 A1; EP 4025589; BR 112022003386-9; CL 2022-444; CN 114423867; CO Gazette 962; IN 202217020235A; US 20220396804; MX MX/a/2022/002722


Jiang et al (2024).  Natural variation in SSW1 coordinates seed growth and nitrogen use efficiency in ArabidopsisCell Reports; 43(5); 114150.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Dr Yunhai Li and colleagues
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)