LAZY4D - Enhanced Root Architecture

Tech ID: 19.657

Key Features

  • Simple, single residue change in LAZY4, or paralogues, confers fully dominant steep/deep root phenotype
  • Highly conserved across plants, including key agricultural crop species
  • Achievable by mutation breeding and genome editing
  • Provides approaches to screening/selecting existing genetic variation


Single residue modification gives deeper/steeper root system. Target domain is highly conserved in crop species. The modified allele is completely dominant, providing a simple genome editable approach to enhancing root system architecture.

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Published: WO/2021/064402; EP 4038093A1; AR 120136 A1; US 2023-0323384


Not yet published in the scientific literature.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Prof Stefan Kepinski
University of Leeds (UK)