VdAL Biostimulant

Tech ID: 16.605

Key Features

  • A modified protein from Verticillium dahliae works as a biostimulant on crop plants
  • Extensive testing in field trials demonstrates that VdAL promotes plant growth and quality as well as increasing yield


Zhizhong Gong and Junsheng Qi have discovered a novel plant growth enhancement technology (“VdAL Technology”) based on a protein derived from a strain of Verticillium dahliae. This Biostimulant has positive effects on crop yield, pest resistance, growth, and quality. VdAL has been extensively tested in the field on many crops including wheat, cotton and rice.

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Published: WO2016/110229; WO2017/067214


Not yet published in the scientific literature.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke


Zhizhong Gong and Junsheng Qi
China Agricultural University (Beijing, China)