REF1 Regeneration Enhancement Technology

Tech ID: 21.691

Key Features

  • Dramatic increase in efficiency and speed of plant regeneration
  • Proven in many different species, and in recalcitrant genotypes
  • Wide use in plant tissue culture, regeneration, gene editing, transformation, propagation etc

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Researchers at the Institute of Developmental Genetics and Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing have discovered a natural plant peptide that strongly promotes plant regeneration in a wide range of species. The factor, REF1 (REGENERATION FACTOR1) is stable and, when applied exogenously in culture medium, dramatically increases regeneration efficiency. This brings associated enhancements in, for example, transformation efficiency. Inclusion in culture medium, or other form of exogenous application, is once-off and it does not need to be continuously supplied to gain an effect. In addition, REF1 dramatically accelerates the tissue culture/regeneration process. Use of REF1 typically cuts 10-20 days off the time to recover transplantable seedlings from culture (e.g. 40 days for soybean, compared to 60 days without REF1). Plants recovered are all whole, viable and fertile.

The REF1 regeneration enhancement technology is available through PBL. Further information can be obtained under confidentiality agreement.

For further detailed information please download the non-confidential summary pdf.


Published: WO/2023/227792


Yang W et al (2024).  Peptide REF1 is a local wound signal promoting plant regenerationCell; 187: 1-15.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)