New recipe series for broccoli “SuperSoup”

SmarterNaturally in collaboration with TV Chef, Theo Michaels have launched a new recipe series for their broccoli “SuperSoup” containing GRextra

TV Chef Theo Michaels has launched a series of cooking videos creating food for people who are looking to lower their blood sugar - a key risk factor for type-2 diabetes. Theo, who is an award-winning author and former MasterChef contestant, has created free videos which show how to prepare a range of diabetic friendly meals using SmarterNaturally Soup, made with a unique traditionally bred “super-strain” of broccoli (GRextra), which contains up to 5x more glucoraphanin than a standard broccoli, offers people a powerful, easy and affordable way to boost the amount of glucoraphanin in their diet.

All three recipes are packed full of glucoraphanin, low in sugar & high in protein, available as vegetarian options and nutritionist-certified as diabetic friendly. To view the recipes, click here.

For more information on SmarterNaturally Soup and how to buy, please click here.