New Low-gliadin Wheat

New low-gliadin wheat acceptable to people with gluten sensitivity and also shows potential beneficial effects on the gut microbiome, compared with a gluten-free diet

Aiming for a wheat that is safe for people with coeliac disease and other gluten-sensitive individuals to consume, Professor Francisco Barro and colleagues of the CSIC Institute for Sustainable Agriculture in Cordoba, Spain have developed transgenic wheat lines in which the gliadin proteins (the gluten elements responsible for the damaging immune response of people with coeliac disease) have been strongly, and specifically, supressed.

Now, a study published in December 2018 in the journal Nutrients has shown that fresh bread, made from the new wheat line, causes no negative response in non-coeliac gluten sensitive (NCGS) individuals when consumed regularly over several days.  The bread was considered highly palatable by the trial participants.  Moreover, in addition to the success in not triggering any acute gut symptoms, analysis of gut microbial populations demonstrated that the low-gliadin bread caused clear changes in the microbial profile consistent with a more beneficial population of natural bacteria, when compared to the profile present whilst consuming a gluten-free diet.

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