Innovation in Action Technology Showcase Challenge Winner

We are delighted to announce that PBL Technology in partnership with the University of East Anglia have won the highly competitive Cosmetics Cluster UK & 32nd IFSCC Congress – Innovation in Action –  Technology Showcase Challenge. The prize was awarded for a waterless dry sheet technology developed by Professor Sheng Qi and her team, including Dr Yan Fen Lee, from the University of East Anglia. The novel no-heat processing technology gently removes up to 98% of water from cosmetic products, while preserving the stability of delicate active ingredients and without the need for preservatives, transforming products into light weight dry sheets that reduce the carbon footprint and costs of transportation. Dr Georgina Pope, PBL Technology said “With growing numbers of consumers worried about the environmental impacts of water use and packaging waste, pressure is being placed on beauty brands to create sustainable solutions. Our revolutionary processing technology has the potential to transform the global delivery of cosmetic products and help the beauty and personal care industry to develop environmentally- and skin-friendly formulations”. 

For more information, please contact Georgina Pope.