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What is a Technology Development Project (TDP)?

A TDP will be a piece of technical/experimental work funded by PBL. It will build on an existing breakthough, discovery or invention that may or may not yet have been patented. The TDP will define a research/technical activity with a specific plan and goals, defined and agreed with PBL for the purpose of adding value to the newly emerged or existing IP - such as by proving applied utility, demonstrating repeatability and robustness and/or establishing data for broader IP protection.

The TDP will be carried out under a contract (with PBL) which will define the project. Commercialisation of the subject IP/technology will be managed by PBL as part of its usual technology transfer operation.

A TDP may be designed to develop IP emerging from a particular laboratory by further activity funded as the TDP in the same originating laboratory, or in a different laboratory (or even a contract research organisation) depending on what particular value-adding work is to be carried out and where the most suitable skills, expertise and resources are available at an economically competitive rate.

There is no prescribed minimum or maximum size for a TDP but projects are expected to be in the £5,000 to £50,000 range and typically take a few weeks or months, but rarely more than a year. We will obtain BBSRC approval before making any TDP investment of over £250k. TDPs will NOT be for exploratory research or long-term projects. TDPs could, for example:

  • Demonstrate the invention in an industrially relevant system as distinct from a model system,
  • Provide a wide range of worked examples showcasing the utility and robustness of a particular invention,
  • Provide essential descriptive data to support commercial uptake.

PBL's PSRE award for TDP funding is primarily intended to be applied to:

  1. IP emerging from BBSRC Institutes; or,
  2. IP developed elsewhere but which can be developed and/or consolidated through value adding work at BBSRC Institutes,
  3. IP that otherwise may benefit research at BBSRC Institutes.

For applicants with technology from outside the BBSRC network, there is a great range of technology development capability in the BBSRC Institutes and the links below will direct you to their websites. We encourage any party with promising technology to consider this as an opportunity to have their emerging IP developed further at a BBSRC Institute, through the TDP mechanism. Please contact us to discuss these kinds of possibilities.




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