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Technology Development Fund

TDP Investment Programme

This initiative from PBL will not be conducted with a specific call for applications with a particular deadline. PBL will assess options/candidate projects on a rolling basis, with investment decisions on new TDPs being made approximately quarterly, but with the capacity to process individual investments more rapidly in certain circumstances. PBL expects to implement at least 20 to 30 TDPs over an initial three-year period.

PBL will determine suitability for TDP investment according to the following principal criteria :

  • Existing status of IP protection and the IP environment,
  • Potential for building strong and broad IP position through TDP investment,
  • Clear technical plan identified or easily identifiable,
  • Feasibility of technical steps and availability of suitable resources at economically viable rates,
  • Ultimate commercial potential – market size/opportunity,
  • Increase in marketability/transferability achievable by TDP.

Each TDP will have an allocated PBL Technology Manager who will maintain close contact with the work in progress. The TDPs will also be closely monitored by PBL from an IP perspective alongside the development of patent protection strategies as projects unfold.


The TDP Scheme in a Nutshell

Summary and Overview

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IP Management and Subsequent Commercialisation Activity

TDP Investment Programme

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Other Sources of Funds

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