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Technology Development Fund

Summary and Overview

PBL's technology transfer services most commonly take the form of investment in specific items of technology through taking on patent costs and committing time and effort to managing the corresponding Intellectual Property (IP) rights, and proactively marketing and licensing to companies to take the early stage technology forward. Under the Technology Development Fund initiative, which has now been running for over ten years, PBL invests in selected technology development projects to add value to and consolidate specific intellectual property emerging in plant and microbial science. The impact of these projects will be to improve significantly the probability of successful and timely transfer of new technologies and inventions into commercial use.

This new capacity for PBL to invest funds directly to enable specific pieces of technology development and IP-consolidation research has been made possible by a £1.8m award under the UK Government Department of Trade and Industry "PSRE" Fund Scheme (Public Sector Research Exploitation Fund). The PSRE programme is administered from the DTI's Office of Science and Technology.

These Technology Development Projects ("TDPs") may be conceived proactively by PBL itself and carried out by suitable laboratory-based parties, or proposed to PBL and defined together with PBL, and we welcome suggestions for candidate projects/technologies for funding.


The TDP Scheme in a Nutshell

Summary and Overview

What is a Technology Development Project (TDP)?

IP Management and Subsequent Commercialisation Activity

TDP Investment Programme

Making Proposals for TDP Funding

Other Sources of Funds

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