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Technology Development Fund

Making Proposals for TDP funding

PBL welcomes proposals for TDP investments at any time and these should be made initially in a brief (1-2 page) document under the following headings:

  • The basis for the proposal – the existing technical position and opportunity,
  • Source of original funding (if applicable); any third-party interests,
  • Potential industrial utility and competing or alternative technology,
  • Existing IP position – any existing patent applications etc,
  • Proposed value-adding work and outputs/goals,
  • Where such work could be done,
  • Indicative budget (if known).

Proposals should in the first instance be sent to Rebecca McIntosh, who will be happy to try and answer any queries about preparing a proposal.

Applications will be treated in confidence by PBL. If we believe a proposal is potentially of interest for TDP funding we will discuss the application and work together to prepare a more detailed project plan.

The intention is to provide a flexible, rapid-response process. While we may begin working on more detailed TDP plans with individual applicants at any time, PBL will select among candidates received for TDPs at approximately 2 monthly intervals, so any proposals should receive a response at the latest on such a timescale.

If subsequently successful we will implement the TDP by funding the work directly at the organisation(s) contracted to deliver the project, under suitable Project contracts which will be put in place between PBL and the relevant development organisation and (if different) with the source organisation.

TDP investments are made entirely at PBL's discretion and subject to written contract with PBL.


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