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99.192 - Tobacco Rattle Virus Gene Silencing Vector

Patent Reference:
US Patent 6,369,296

David Baulcombe
Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK)

Virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) of host sequences is a rapid and highly effective tool for functional genomics in plants. TRV vectors have been developed which mediate high efficiency VIGS of endogenous genes in the absence of virus-induced symptoms. The TRV vector is also able to target host RNAs in the growing points of plants. These features indicate that the TRV vector will have wide applications for gene discovery in plants. 


Ratcliff F et al (2001).  Tobacco rattle virus as a vector for analysis of gene function by silencing.  Plant Journal, 25 (2), 237-245.

Liu Y et al (2002).  Virus-induced gene silencing in tomato.  Plant Journal 31 (6): 777-786.

Liu Y et al (2002).  Tobacco rar1, eds1 and npr1/nim1 like genes are required for N-mediated resistance to tobacco mosaic virus.  Plant Journal 30: 415-429.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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