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02.301 - The Dynamic Gastric Model and The Model Gut

Patent Reference:
International Patent Publication No. WO/2007/010238. US Patents 8,092,222 & 8,435,036. Australian Patent 2006271423. European Patent 1,907,108.

Dr Martin Wickham and Richard Faulks
Institute of Food Research (Norwich, UK)

The Dynamic Gastric Model

The Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM) is a "state of the art" in-vitro system that simulates human gastric digestion, developed at the Institute of Food Research (IFR).  The DGM is the first known in-vitro model developed to combine emerging scientific knowledge of the physical, mechanical and biochemical environments experienced by the luminal contents of the human stomach, in a single predictive system.

PBL is working with IFR and The Welding Institute (TWI; Cambridge, UK) to refine the design.   Advanced prototype versions of the DGM unit can be built to order and supplied to the research and development community.   For more information and to receive a quotation, please contact Dr. Martin Stocks in the PBL office.

The Model Gut

The Model Gut is a business unit of PBL, established to provide contract research and development services to the Food and Pharmaceutical industries.  Utilising the ground-breaking DGM, the Model Gut provides bio-relevant testing of oral pharmaceutical formulations and novel food structures and products.  The Model Gut business was established as a collaboration between PBL and IFR, operating as a fully commercial entity but integrated with the gut-modelling group within IFR.  The recent transfer of business to the Danish CRO Bioneer A/S provides the Model Gut with a step-change in its capacity to deliver a full-service offering, integrating its proprietary gut simulations with full analytical backup.

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