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95.059 - Glucoraphanin Enriched Broccoli

Richard Mithen*
John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK)

For more information on this technology, please go to the Glucoraphanin Enriched Broccoli section.

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Mar 2015 - PBL’s patent on glucoraphanin-rich broccoli : Valid

Jan 2014 - Increasing availability of the "Green Wonder" - Beneforté Broccoli

Dec 2013 - Beneforté recognised in top European technology transfer Impact showcase

Sep 2013 - Beneforté Super Broccoli Website goes live!

Aug 2013 - Eating Broccoli retunes Metabolism : Major breakthrough in understanding effects of Glucoraphanin

Apr 2013 - Beneforté Broccoli - New Research Published - Explained: Why Beneforte reliably delivers more glucoraphanin than standard broccoli

Sep 2012 - Funding Boost for Beneforté Broccoli

Nov 2011 - BBSRC Case Study: The Story Behind "Super Broccoli"

Oct 2011 - Beneforté Reaches Market in UK

Oct 2010 - Beneforté™ : Broccoli from JIC and IFR Research is Presented to US Fresh Produce Market

Jan 2006 - New research published on cancer-fighting broccoli

Jan 2003 - Worldwide License to Cancer-Fighting Broccoli Granted to Seminis

Jan 2002 - Broccoli Patent Granted


* The inventors named on the patent on glucoraphanin-enriched broccoli filed in 1999 are Richard Mithen and Kathy Faulkner.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

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