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99.194 - Express: Enhanced Transient Expression System

Patent Reference:
European Patent EP1232274. US Patents 7,217,854 and 8,871,997. Canadian Patent 2390152. South African Patent 20023388. Australian Patent 782788. Israel Patent 149388. Japanese Patent 4884628. International Patent Publication No. WO 01/038512.

David Baulcombe, Oliver Voinnet
Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK)

Efficient methods for expression of genes of interest in plants are required for many applications. Existing methods require the use of either transgenic plants (which are time and resource consuming) or inefficient transient expression systems. By combining suppressors of gene silencing with Agrobacterium infiltration-mediated transient expression, a rapid and highly efficient method for gene expression in plants has been developed.


Olivier Voinnet et al (2003).  An enhanced transient expression system in plants based on suppression of gene silencing by the P19 protein of tomato bushy stunt virus.  The Plant Journal, 33, 949-956.

Olivier Voinnet et al (1999).  Suppression of gene silencing: a general strategy used in diverse DNA and RNA viruses of plants.  PNAS, 96 (24), 14147-14152.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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