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07.439 - CPMV-HT Protein Expression System

Patent Reference:
Patents granted in: US 8,674,084 B2; Europe EP2240589 B1; Japan 5745857; South Africa 2010/05245; New Zealand 586939; China ZL200980105869.X; Singapore 163027; Russian Federation 2,539,793; Australia 2009203608; Israel 206606; South Korea 10-1602972; Canada 2,711,895; Mexico 330942; Indonesia IDP000041548, India 301465.

George Lomonossoff and Frank Sainsbury
John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK)

George Lomonossoff and Frank Sainsbury at the John Innes Centre have further developed the Cow Pea Mosaic Virus (CPMV) protein expression systems for plants. The new developments are based on a deleted version of RNA-2 of CPMV where the regions encoding the viral movement protein, both coat proteins and now the upstream start codons within the 5’ leader sequence have been removed. The deleted RNA-2 still possess the cis-acting sequences which are the elements enhancing translation and thus very high levels of gene amplification are maintained without the concomitant possibility of the modified virus contaminating the environment. This new system is called CPMV-HT for hyper-translatable Cow Pea Mosaic Virus protein expression system. The HT-CPMV system shows dramatic increases in protein levels and thus is an excellent method for the rapid, high-level expression of foreign proteins in plants. 


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Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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