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05.386 - CPMV Protein Expression System

Patent Reference:
International Patent Publication No. WO 07/135480.
Granted Patents: US 8,519,113 and CA 2651907.

George Lomonossoff 

John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK) 

The bipartite viral expression system achieves high levels of heterologous protein expression while circumventing autonomous viral replication. The system was developed by Prof Lomonossoff and co-workers at the John Innes Centre using a comovirus. The advantages over other expression systems include, simplicity and flexibility (the system can be used through making crosses, transgenic plants or transient expression strategies and its use can be linked to inducible elements) and absence of infective viral particles. The expression system has therefore great practical benefit in the development of plants as bioreactors and addresses important bio-containment considerations. 


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Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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