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07.425 & 07.426 - Late Blight Resistance

Patent Reference:
Patents granted in: US 8,367,893; Europe EP2179042; South Africa 2010/00630; Russian Federation 2511423; China ZL200880108132.9; Ukraine 106345; Canada 2,694,006.

Professor Jonathan Jones and colleagues
Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK)

The technology offered here, consisting of multiple late blight resistance genes, offers the opportunity to protect potatoes and tomatoes against late blight infections with the potential of substantially reducing the use of fungicide applications and increasing potato yields in developing country agriculture. 


Foster SJ et al (2009). Rpi-vnt1.1, a Tm-22 Homolog from Solanum venturii, Confers Resistance to Potato Late Blight.  MPMI 22: 589-600.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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