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07.430 - Insect Pest Protection through Jasmonic Acid Seed Treatment

Patent Reference:
International Patent Publication No. WO 2008/007100.

Granted patents: USA 8,115,053 & 8,507,756, New Zealand 574108, Mexico 304248, Australia 2007274083, Japan 5322931, Canada 2,657,057, Europe 2066176, Brazil PI0714050-9, South Korea 10-1368546.

Dr Nigel Paul
Lancaster University (UK)

Jasmonic acid (JA) is a naturally occurring, non-toxic chemical which can be used as an environmentally benign pesticide applied as seed treatment resulting in long lasting protection against herbivorous pests. In tests seeds from tomato, sweet pepper, wheat and maize were treated with JA and plants grown from these seeds were subsequently challenged with a range of pests (caterpillars, aphids and spider mite). The effect of the treatment were reduced feeding and reductions in pest population and reproductive rates. 


Worrall D, Holroyd GH, Moore JP, Glowacz M, Croft P, Taylor JE, Paul ND, Roberts MR (2012) Treating seeds with activators of plant defence generates long-lasting priming of resistance to pests and pathogens.  New Phytologist 193: 770-778. 

Smart LE, Martin JL, Limpalaër M, Bruce JTA, Pickett JA (2013) Responses of herbivore and predatory mites to tomato plants exposed to jasmonic acid seed treatment.  Journal of Chemical Ecology. doi: 10.1007/s10886-013-0345-5.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

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