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12.546 & 16.614 - NRT2.3b: Enhanced Yield and Nitrogen Use

Patent Reference:
Grants: US 9,012,721, US 9,738,900, MX 356051
Publications: WO/2014/122452, EP2954059, CN 104995304A

Xiaorong Fan & Huimin Feng, Nanjing Agricultural University (Nanjing, China)
Tony Miller, John Innes Centre (Norfolk, UK)

Key to plant pH homeostasis plus 3-6x enhanced iron uptake

Proven to increase yield in extensive rice field trials.  Far reaching effects on plant performance via unexpected key role in pH homeostasis, plus 3-6x enhanced iron uptake.  Shown to work in tobacco and Arabidopsis.  Suitable to deploy to crop species. 

NEW 2019: The inventors have generated non-transgenic mutants of rice with high expression of the OsNRT2.3b gene – directly available for conventional breeding (Tech Id 16.614).


Xiaorong Fan et al (2016).  Overexpression of a pH-sensitive nitrate transporter in rice increases crop yields.  PNAS: doi: 10.1073/pnas.1525184113.


Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Download non-confidential summary (PDF): Click here

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