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01.266 - Flavodoxin

Patent Reference:
US Patent No. 6,781,034. Australian Patent No. 2002334130. European Patent No. EP1442127. Canadian Patent No. CA 2360107.

Nestor Carrillo
Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

Expression of a cyanobacterial flavodoxin in plants results in enhanced resistance to a wide range of biotic, abiotic and xenobiotic stresses.

Successfully demonstrated over two years of field trials.


Functional Replacement of Ferredoxin by a Cyanobacterial Flavodoxin in Tobacco Confers Broad Range Stress Tolerance.  Tognetti VB, Palatnik J, Fillat M, Melzer M, Hajirezaei M-R, Valle E and Carillo N.  The Plant Cell (2006): 18 (8).

Enhanced plant tolerance to iron starvation by functional substitution of chloroplast ferredoxin with a bacterial flavodoxin. Tognetti VB, Zurbriggen MD, Morandi EN, Fillat MF, Valle EM, Hajirezaei M-R and Carrillo N.  PNAS (2007): Vol 104 No. 27 pp 11495-11500. 

Detoxification of 2,4-dinitrotoluene by Transgenic Tobacco Plants Expressing a Bacterial Flavodoxin. Tognetti VB, Monti MR, Valle EM, Carrillo N and Smania AM.  Environmental Science and Technology (2007): No 41 Issue 11 pp 4071-4076.

Stress-inducible flavodoxin from photosynthetic microorganisms. Themystery of flavodoxin loss from the plant genome.  Zurbriggen MD,Tognetti VB and Carrillo N.  IUBMB Life (2007): 59 (4), 355-360.

Chloroplast-generated reactive oxygen species play a major role in localized cell death during the non-host interaction between tobacco and Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria.  Zurbriggen MD, Carrillo N, Tognetti VB, Melzer M, Peisker M, Hause B and Hajirezaei M-R.  Plant J (2009): 60 (6); 962 - 973.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

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