GmPT7 for Increasing Yield and Nutrient Use

Tech ID: 16.617

Key Features

  • Increasing yield and nutrient use in soybean and other legumes
  • Field tested in soybean over two years


Prof Hong Liao, Director of the Root Biology Center at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou, China, has now established that GmPT7 is in fact a wide affinity phosphate transporter and is localised in the symbiosome membrane of root nodules. Moreover, it is essentially required for efficient nitrogen fixation and thus has a significant impact on crop yield.

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Published: WO/2018/146481; US 2019/0367937 A1; CN 110573623A


Chen L et al (2019).  A nodule-localized phosphate transporter GmPT7 plays an important role in enhancing symbiotic N2 fixation and yield in soybean.  New Phytol; 221(4): 2013-2025.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Prof Hong Liao and colleagues
Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (Fuzhou, China)