Biofilms for agricultural, horticultural and related applications

Tech ID: 21.688

Key Features

  • The addition of a synthetic polymer to microorganism cultures enables the formation of stable Biofilms even in microorganisms that usually do not form them
  • Biofilms can be used as seed coatings for more vigorous and effective microorganisms in symbiosis with crop plants


Dr Timothy Overton and Dr Francisco Fernandez-Trillo at the University of Birmingham have demonstrated that using novel polymers microorganism can form strong and stable biofilms. Such biofilm complexes can be used in crop applications, either directly as seed treatments or alternatively as sprays or on other material or structures to be deployed in soil. The complexed microorganisms are more protected from environmental stresses and are more productive, enhancing the symbiotic effect on plants.

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Published: WO2021/209765


Not yet published in the scientific literature.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

Dr Timothy Overton and Dr Francisco Fernandez-Trillo
University of Birmingham (Birmingham, UK)