Maize Lodging Resistance

Tech ID: 18.640

Key Features

  • A biotechnological approach to enhancing root lodging is provided
  • A range of different strategies possible involving either miRNA528 or LACs
  • Possible forage and biofuel uses

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Published: WO/2019/080727; EP 3701033; US 2020/0283786; IN 202017021724A; CN 11630171A; BR112020008016-0; CL 1074-2020


Sun Q et al (2018).  MicroRNA528 Affects Lodging Resistance of Maize by Regulating Lignin Biosynthesis under Nitrogen-Luxury Conditions.  Mol. Plant: 11; 806-814.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Wen-Xue Li and colleagues
Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Beijing, China)