SOD7/NGAL3 - Increased Seed Size, Plant Growth and Grain Yield

Tech ID: 14.586

Key Features

  • Increased seed size, plant growth and grain yield


Dr Yunhai Li and his team at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, have been studying genes involved in determining seed size.  KLU is widely known to be involved in the promotion of seed and organ size and growth generally (Krizek, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2009, 12:17–22).  The IGDB team have identified a novel transcription factor, SOD7, that directly binds the promoter of KLU, repressing seed growth.  The downregulation or KO of SOD7, results in large seeds.  This effect is most pronounced when NGAL3, a close homologue of SOD7, is also downregulated or knocked out.  This technology has great potential as a tool to increase crop seed yield in agro-biotechnological applications.


Published: WO/2016/124918; US 2018/0265882 A1

Granted: US 10,793,868


Yueying Zhang et al (2015).  Transcription Factors SOD7/NGAL2 and DPA4/NGAL3 Act Redundantly to Regulate Seed Size by Directly Repressing KLU Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana.  Plant Cell; 27(3): 620-632.

Zhang X, Sun J, Cao X, Song X (2015).  Epigenetic Mutation of RAV6 Affects Leaf Angle and Seed Size in Rice.  Plant Physiol; 169(3): 2118-2128.

Contact: Dr Jan Chojecki

Dr Yunhai Li
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China)