Broad Range Virus Resistance

Tech ID: 05.395

Key Features

  • Peptide Aptamers for Broad Range Virus Resistance
  • Durable resistance strategy


The peptide aptamer technology is a new and broadly applicable strategy to target eukaryotic ssDNA viruses. These peptide aptamers can be expressed in transgenic organisms to confer resistance to viral infection or can be delivered directly to an infected organism to block the spread of the infection.

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Published: WO/2007/019532

Granted: US 8,168,748; US 9,102,705; IN 276133


Lopez-Ochoa L, Ramirez-Prado J, Hanley-Bowdoin L (2006).  Peptide aptamers that bind to a geminivirus replication protein interfere with viral replication in plant cells.  J Virol; 80(12): 5841-5953.

Contact: Dr Lars von Borcke

Linda Hanley-Bowdoin
North Carolina State University (Raleigh, USA)