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PBL-Ventures is the business start-up and mentoring arm of PBL.  It was established over 15 years ago to broaden the PBL technology commercialisation offering and to take advantage of increasing opportunities to create new businesses from research at the institutes that PBL serves.

PBL-Ventures is dedicated to:

  • conceiving and creating new businesses to exploit parts of PBL’s technology portfolio
  • providing a comprehensive business mentoring and support service to scientists and bio-entrepreneurs wishing to establish their own technology based businesses.

PBL-Ventures is an extension of PBL's activities in technology commercialisation, which has traditionally been through licensing.  PBL-Ventures offers a comprehensive business incubation process to scientists and bio-entrepreneurs seeking to establish new technology-based ventures.  There are a number of key success factors for any such new enterprise including: a valid (value-adding) business concept, excellent technology and/or products, well protected IP, experienced management team, and suitable funding from appropriate investors.  During the business development process PBL-Ventures attempts to optimise these factors for any particular business creation project in order to give the new enterprise the best chances of succeeding.

New Ventures Established by PBL



PBL-Ventures also assists, or has assisted



The Model Gut (Dynamic Gastric Model) is now managed by Bioneer A/S.  


PBL-Ventures recognises the limited resources available to most academic entrepreneurs and provides its services entirely on a success basis, with its consideration coming in the form of equity or fees on successful financing and/or establishment of the company.

PBL-Ventures utilises the wide range of business and intellectual property expertise available in PBL and actively draws on the skills and experience of PBL’s Board of Directors, Dr Jan Chojecki, Dr E Dart, Dr John Bedbrook, Mr Andy Sandham, Dr Karen Lewis and Prof Dale Sanders.

PBL-Ventures has an extensive network of contacts built up in the core business of PBL, this includes all the necessary necessary specialists and professional advice: specialist consultants, lawyers, accountants, banks, executive search etc all offering special deals for working with PBL-Venture’s projects.

There are a number of potential benefits to scientist entrepreneurs and academic institutions from using PBL-Ventures to manage their business creation projects and ideas:

  • PBL-Ventures has significant expertise and experience in the commercialisation of biotechnologies and an in-depth understanding of the markets in which they are applied.
  • PBL-Ventures covers significant out-of-pocket costs in the pre-financing stage.
  • PBL-Ventures has, or can access through its network of contacts, a wide range of expertise and experience in new business formation and technology enterprise.
  • PBL-Ventures offers access and IP rights to a broad variety of technology in plant and microbial science.
  • PBL-Ventures has in-depth experience and proven skills in working with academic scientists to develop their ideas into commercial success.
  • As part of PBL, PBL-Ventures is an independent resource dedicated to commercialisation of public sector technology and will represent the best interests of the founding scientists and their institutes.
  • Utilising PBL-Ventures will provide assurance to public funding bodies and their auditors that a business creation project is being handled in a competent manner by an organisation that is experienced in managing the exploitation of publicly funded research.

In addition to PBL-Ventures’ core skills and resources and the expert infrastructure provided by the staff and Directors of its parent organisation, PBL, the other important resource available to PBL-Ventures is Norwich Research Park.

Norwich Research Park (www.norwichresearchpark.com)

Set in over 230 hectares of parkland, Norwich Research Park is a thriving community of over 70 businesses, 3,000 scientists, researchers and clinicians.  With exceptional research laboratories and state-of-the art offices as well as an enviable quality of life.  It is an international centre of excellence in life and environmental sciences research with world-class expertise in the research and development pipeline from genomics and data analytics, global geochemical cycles and crop biology, through to food, health and human nutrition.

Norwich Research Park offers well-appointed, laboratory and office space to let on flexible lease terms, with on-site parking, shared reception services, free Wi-Fi, competitive rental and service charges, state-of-the-art meeting facilities.


Please click here for more information on the support and advice services PBL-Ventures' business development process can provide.

Please contact Jan Chojecki.

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