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PBL offers an extensive range of technologies for licensing in plant science, microbiology and general biotechnology. These technologies have been sourced by PBL from research institutes and universities worldwide and many are listed on the following pages.

Most of the technologies listed here have been published either in the academic literature or following publication of the patent application and for these technologies further information can be obtained using the appropriate information link. For those listed technologies that have not been published, further information can be obtained under a simple confidentiality agreement so please contact us for details.

Commercial entities seeking particular technologies in the areas of PBL’s expertise are also encouraged to contact us with their needs as we may have suitable technology that is not yet available for general licensing and therefore not yet listed here on the website.

Scientists at academic institutions or universities wishing to access any of PBL’s technologies for academic research use can do so free of charge under PBL’s standard Material Transfer Agreement. Please contact Tracey Bettinson for further details.

Humanitarian Use Policy

To the extent that it is able, PBL will consider requests for accessing PBL proprietary technologies for bona fide humanitarian use purposes. Humanitarian use purposes shall mean not-for-profit and non-commercial activity conducted for the public good and to the benefit of sections of the general public anywhere in the world in need of particular assistance, and in circumstances where it would likely be unviable to conduct such an activity on a commercial for-profit basis.

PBL's policy when licensing rights to its technology for commercial exploitation purposes, is as far as practicable to retain the right to grant humanitarian use licences, and expects its commercial licensing partners to understand and cooperate with this policy.

PBL-Ventures is the business start-up and mentoring arm of PBL. It was established in 2001 to broaden the PBL technology commercialisation offering and to take advantage of increasing opportunities to create new businesses from research at the institutes that PBL serves.

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