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PBL TEC Scheme

PBL Technology Evaluation Concept

The PBL Technology Evaluation Concept or “TEC” scheme was launched in November 2002.

PBL is constantly taking on exciting new technologies from research institutions and universities all around the world and we believe the TEC scheme will get these technologies into the hands of our commercial development partners and licence customers more quickly and easily than ever before.

The TEC scheme will dramatically reduce the early obstacles of paperwork and upfront payments so that customers can “try before they buy” and carry out their own first-hand technical assessment, as well as getting a head start on parties who do not join the TEC scheme.

Details of how the PBL TEC scheme works, the benefits of subscribing and the subscription fees, can be found here, and the Terms and Conditions, along with the standard Evaluation Licence proforma, can be found here.

For the list of PBL plant technologies that are available to TEC subscribers upon the launch of the TECs, please see the Plant-TEC Technology List.

Note: This list contains all the technologies currently available under the TEC scheme. Please note however, technologies still within a six month period of the release date are exclusively available for evaluation and licensing by TEC scheme subscribers only. Technologies released over six months ago may be available to non-subscribers of the TEC scheme through negotiation of bespoke fee-bearing licensing terms.


To discuss subscribing to the TEC Scheme and find out what your company is missing, please contact info@pbltechnology.com or call +44 (0)1603 456500.


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