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Molecular Pharming: High Level Plant Protein Expression (CPMV-HT)

A system for rapid and high level production of heterologous proteins in plants - Tech ID 07.439

PBL’s Molecular Pharming tool was invented by George Lomonossoff and Frank Sainsbury at the John Innes Centre. It is a non-replicating transient expression system based on Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plant leaves for high-level production of proteins in a matter of days. The system deploys modified sequences from Cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV) to boost translational efficiency and hence, the system is named CPMV-hypertrans or CPMV-HT.

The main advantages of CPMV-HT compared to other protein over-expression systems are:

Extreme high level expression of up to 30% total soluble protein
Quick and easy to use system:
  - Easy cloning (series of binary vectors called pEAQ) - please click here for more information
  -  Fast expression through agroinfiltration
  Total time required for expression and protein recovery is only 2 to 10 days
Proven to be effective with a wide range of proteins (including multimeric and heteromeric proteins, as well as co-expression of multiple proteins)
Non-infective viral-derived expression system



Schematic representation of Molecular Pharming using CPMV-HT



CPMV-HT is based on three patented PBL technologies:

•  CPMV-HTPBL Tech ID: 07.439 
•  Bi-partite expression system - PBL Tech ID: 05.386  
Suppressors of gene silencing -  PBL Tech ID: 99.194   

Please click here for details of all the patents.



The CPMV-HT system has been used to produce a variety of proteins

Click on the images for further details

Animal vaccines: Blue-tongue virus like particles


Reporter genes / single peptides: GUS / DsRed


Influenza vaccines


Antibodies: Anti-HIV IgG antibody Enzymes: gastric lipase Medicago information


The expression system is fully scalable enabling the user to produce small quantities for lab use up to industrial scale 






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