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PBL Guide to Patenting

Additional Information

Ownership And Co-Ownership

In law the owner of an invention is the employer of the inventor, unless varied by separate contract. There may be more than one owner of an invention if there are multiple inventors, employed by separate employers. In such circumstances it is important that co-owners agree a joint strategy for patent protection and exploitation. Without wishing to discourage academic exchange and collaboration, collaborators should each consider the potential institutional complications that may arise in the case of co-ownership preferably BEFORE entering into collaborative activity. PBL is happy to advise.

Previous And Subsequent Disclosures

Provide details of any disclosure (see section on Novelty  - publication, discussion, presentation, trials etc) that has taken place or is planned, with dates. Also include disclosures made in confidence and provide details of any confidentiality agreement (preferably a copy). Include a hard copy of papers, posters etc if available.

Funded Research And Contractual Conditions

If your invention was generated under a research programme funded by an external organisation (whether commercial or public) there may be restrictions imposed on what you or your laboratory/employer can do with inventions. If we prepare patent applications on your behalf we MUST be informed at the outset of any contractual restrictions that apply to the research results. We will usually need to see copies of corresponding contracts

If you have any further questions on any specific items or are unclear about the relevance of specific inforamtion that you or anybody else may have concerning the invention, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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